Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulation

  • To maintain a constant pace of 10-12kph while biking in formation with other cyclists.
  • The formation shall be a single straight line.
  • Riders must maintain 1 bike length apart.
  • If for any reason you fall or have mechanical failure or any reason to break the line you must remove yourself immediately so the record attempt will not be destroyed.
  • Must be physically fit and able.
  • 18 years old to 55 years old.
  • Mountain bike, Road Bike, Fat Bike, or Folding bike only.
  • No individual registration. Registration is by Group.
  • Must have working brakes.
  • Freewheel only, no fixed gear.
  • No helmet, No ride.
  • Participant/s must come in presentable cycling/sports attire.(Example of unpresentable attire: Slippers & Sando)
  • Make sure all members knows and follows the rules and regulations.
  • Hold practice sessions amongst members and guarantee all members/representatives are skilled to perform the task for Guinness world record.

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